What the FCK?

Authenticity, ideas and research – the reasons Loud Monkey was commissioned in 2018, by global climate change company, Climate Focus Group, to develop and produce a series of online content to encourage football fans to reduce their meat consumption.

In the beginning, we were single handedly responsible for creation and development of the FCK Food brand, online acquisition strategy and productionIn phase one (May/June 2019) we produced 2 x 20’ pilot episodes then went through an extensive evaluation period which led to a re-look at strategy before heading into phase two which included the creation, development and production of weekly content before pausing for a second evaluation ahead of phase three and four longer form, higher production value pieces, plus two quarantine editions, as a result of Covid-19.

Below is a small selection of some of the content we’ve produced so far for FCK and you can view all 42+ pieces on the FCK Food YouTube channel. FCK is currently preparing for phase four – so watch this FCKing space!