Introducing The Loud Project

Loud Monkey began back in October 2012 with a vision to give everyone, anywhere in the world, the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, YouTube star or internet sensation by providing video production equipment, training and opportunities to those in vulnerable communities in the UK and around the world.

Since then our vision, experience and connections have developed significantly, with a huge emphasis on film and online media, so it’s with this in mind that we are privileged to be able to make our vision a reality in 2017, with the launch of The Loud Project.

The Loud Project will provide access to a professional career in film, for all young people – especially those who may be disadvantaged, vulnerable, at risk or in need. Working with CEO of The Beat Project, the brilliant Steve Carley, as our charity mentor, along with the support of all the Monkeys, our film and TV industry connections and our wonderful clients; The Loud Project will ‘officially’ launch in October 2017.

We have a couple of Loud Projects in the pipeline, ahead of our official launch, and look forward to sharing those with you in the coming weeks. If you wish to discuss the project in more detail, or would like any further information, please contact us and ask to speak to Emily.

Loud Monkey

Get involved!

The Loud Project is currently looking for partners who can provide an opportunity, however big or small, in any aspect of film, TV or online media to young people.

To find out more about The Loud Project, or to get involved in any capacity, please contact Emily on 0208 045 0380 or email

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